Live every moment, in the present. This present moment is where we can find clarity and inner peace. Here you are, right now just you and your breath. In these very moments you can find stillness.



Caribbean born and raised. Teaching in the Ottawa area.

Kileeā€™s sequences are unique and uplifting, just as unique as her background. She grew up on the beautiful tiny island of Sint Maarten. Her Caribbean roots inspire her to create a class that is both welcoming and challenging (that caribbean heat) for each level. The use of visualizations of warm sandy beaches and clear blue skies are frequent, giving everyone a taste of the Caribbean life.

With a love for passing on practical life tools, she often discusses breathe techniques that can be utilized on and off the mat. Her classes are warming and strengthening. She works to engage all muscle groups including the brain, with long peaceful Savasanas. Join her at one of the many public classes she teaches weekly at her home studio. Contact her for pricing of private and semi-private classes.


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